On Terrorism

We will not be cowed!” so said the people of United Kingdom after the terrorist attack in Manchester Arena.

Same words were spoken after the Westminster attack in March, but what do they mean? What exactly do the terrorists want us to be cowed into?

For reasons I could not comprehend, many people seems to believe the objective of the terrorists is to “change our way of life”, but again, what does that even mean? What new way of life do they hope we will adopt by murdering people? Are they simply hoping we will be so frightened and never watch a concert again?

Then there are also those who think the terrorists will be jumping up and down in rage when they see the heartwarming messages we leave on social media, the mountain of bouquets we lay near the scene, the touching candlelit vigils we hold to honor the victims or the banners with defiant messages like “Love Overcomes Hate” on the streets.

But seriously, are we supposed to believe such public display of love and unity will actually frustrate the terrorists?

Don’t get me wrong. These are nice little gestures that might provide some comfort to the living and make great headline stories. But make no mistake, the war against terrorism is not won by just words, flowers, candles and banners.

To truly show we are not cowed, we need to stop being vague, stop being nice and stop being naive.



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