Is this the End? (Part 2)

Some people believe we are already in the End Times and the world is now showing all the signs of the Four Horsemen (aka the first four seals).

They point out:

… Demon-inspired teachings (eg new age, UFOlogy, eastern mysticism) are getting more widespread.
… The Middle East is constantly at war (eg Syria) and there are more terrorist attacks in recent years.
… Major economies of the world (eg EU, USA) have not been performing well and there are food shortages in many parts of the world.
… New strains of virus (eg ZIKA, H1N1 ) have been springing up every other year.
… Earthquakes and other natural disasters have been occurring more frequently.

But personally, I am convinced we are not in End Times yet. In fact, I believe we are still some way from even the beginning of End Times. As bad as things may seem these days, they are just not as bad as described in the Bible.

Firstly, while false teachings are getting more popular, there are hardly anyone claiming to be second coming of Christ (Matthew 24:5). Even for the few who do, I do not think they have the influence or the following to be able to inspire a great apostasy (1 Timothy 4:1-3).

Secondly, terrorist attacks are obviously not “nation against nation”, “kingdom against kingdom” as written in Matthew 24:7 and conflicts in the Middle East are mostly confined within the region, certainly not enough to “take peace from the earth” (Revelation 6:4)?

Thirdly, even if the economic outlook for most of the world is not exactly rosy, is there really a worldwide famine or hyperinflation of the world currencies?

Fourthly, despite initial fears, none of the viruses has turned epidemic (yet).

Lastly, where it says “earthquakes” in Matthew 24, it says “great earthquakes” (8 and above on Richter scale as some suggested) in Luke 21, and there were only 3 such cases in the past 20 years — 9.1 in 2004,  8.6 in 2005 and 8.6 in 2007, all in Indonesia. Is this great earthquakes in “various places”? In any case, I do not believe a human measurement can be used to gauge Bible standard.



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