Fight Against Terror

We can throw all their jihadists into prison, we can send the special forces to take out their leaders, we can conduct more air-strikes to blow up their strongholds, but until we can dismantle their ideologies, the likes of ISIS or Al-Qaeda will always be around.

And the voices to challenge those ideologies must come from the Islamic world.

I mean the rest of the world can rant all day long about how evil it is to take innocent lives, how crazy it is to kill in the name of religion, how cowardly it is to shoot non-combatants… but it would not mean a thing to the terrorists.

After all, if they use names like the Islamic State, if they define their actions as a jihad, if they believe they are following the will of Allah… then only those from the same belief system are “qualified” to point out the errors of their ways.

It is time for the Muslims who are for peace (after all, Islam means the religion of peace) to stand up and speak out… to preserve the good name of your religion, and also to help prevent your own Muslim brothers or sisters to be hoodwinked by the twisted teachings of extremist groups.

As much as the world knows that 99% of the Muslims are not extremists, there will always be people who will view Islam with suspicion as long as the 99% keep quiet about the actions of those who are giving the religion a bad name.

If the bad guys are using Islam to commit evil, then the good guys must also use the Islam to counter those evils.


The real battlefields are in the mind and the heart.


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