Great Entertainment (GE) 2015

Some thoughts on Election…

… let’s not pretend we are voting for the best candidate. We are simply voting the person or party we like the most or the one we dislike the least.

… by now, we should have realized the winning candidate is not the one with the most impressive credentials, but the most impressive story.

… let’s not get too worked up over “dirty politics”, shall we? Neither side is above using the same devious tactics they accused their opponents of.

… if everybody loves your policies, you are probably not doing your job. But on the other hand, if everybody hates your policies, you are not doing a good job either.

… please stop telling me what your opponent is doing wrong, tell me how you are going to make it right.

… some opposition supporters naively think “voting the ruling party out” is the panacea for all our problems. New ruling party, new sets of problems.

… stop making a big fuss over issues we don’t particularly care about. Most of the time we do not even know what is all those accounting jargon you guys are using.


A wise guy once said, “I believe in a 2 parties system. One on Friday and one on Saturday.”




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