Strike Back!


“Cut off one head and two more will take it’s place.”

After years of serving up negativity, inciting hatred and fabricating lies (and making good $$$ along the way), TRS has finally been put out of business.

Besides losing their cash cow, the administrators, who are mostly non-Singaporeans (so much for the “Real Singapore” moniker), are also facing charges for sedition.

But… let’s put the champagne on ice first. The war is far from over.


Just like HYDRA, take down one website (albeit the most popular one), many more will spring up to take it’s place. As it is, plenty of similar websites are already in existence and they are all dedicated to carry on the dastardly works of TRS.

These guys will not give up without a struggle. They will persist in whining about how the our  “freedom of speech” has been taken away. They will carry on playing the victim card, telling us how they are being bullied and silenced by the evil PAP-Govt. They will continue moaning incessantly about “the lack of true democracy in Singapore”.

But no big deal. Many of us have already wised up to their tricks. We are too familiar with their usual theatrics and rhetoric. No longer can they hoodwink us and no longer will we tolerate their nonsense.

We will crush every head that comes along…


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