No Strings on My Writings

You have no idea how thrilled I was when I discovered this thing called a blog.

Finally, I am free to write on anything I like (well, almost…), in whichever way I like, at anytime I like. There will be no English teacher around to pressure me in handing up my writing assignments or deduct my marks should I fail to adhere to some arbitrary rules set by the academia. It is almost as liberating as being able to walk around naked, only this is legal.. (and more sightly, of course).

I mean, isn’t this what writing is all about? We write because we wish to communicate our thoughts, our ideas or our feelings. Ultimately it is the message we are trying to convey that matters. It is my not-so-humble opinion that a piece of writing should be judged (mainly) on it’s contents and everything else is just cosmetic.

Only in school are we told to follow a certain format or structure, but are those things that readers in the real world care about?

(That being said, I am all for proper writing. At least, it makes reading easier.)




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