Whose Fight ?

Koba: Koba fights for the apes!
Caesar: Koba fights for Koba…!
(The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Some people would like us to believe that the Government (read: PAP) is one big evil empire whose sole purpose of their existence is to exploit Singaporeans in every way they can, and it is the duty of every one of us to overthrow their despotic rule.

They tell us that the Govt is robbing us of all our monies to line their own pockets. They tell us that the Govt is suppressing our wages and turning us all into paupers. They tell us the Govt is taking away our freedom of speech and violating our human rights. They tell us the Govt is a dictatorship in disguise and there is no true democracy… blah blah blah… (in fact, from all those things they are telling us, you would think we are actually living in North Korea)

But in spite of all their “valiant” efforts, there remain many Singaporeans who are unmoved by their rhetoric.

But instead of coming up with more solid evidence and convincing arguments, they chose to blame us. Apparently, we are told we are just too blind, too obstinate, too timid or simply too stupid to see what they see.

Perhaps they failed to consider that most of us have the good sense to see that it is not the lives of Singaporeans they really care about. Ultimately it is just about them… about their personal vendetta against PAP, about their own political ambitions, about their own ulterior motives.

If you are only fighting for yourself, don’t expect the rest of us to join in the fight with you.


Koba, the murderous ape, who started the war against humans because of his own hatred against our species.


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