In My Words (on LKY)

I know… it seems weird or even arrogant to publish my own quotes. But I figured that a blog is a better place to preserve my thoughts than FB.

Below are some comments I have posted on my wall during the 7-Days mourning period of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Maybe someday I might look back and see if my thinking has changed with the passage of time…

No doubt, there will be those of you who will rejoice at his death but you can be very sure you are in the minority.

It takes a huge and unbelievable amount of ingratitude and crassness to derive satisfaction from the demise of a man who built the nation that you have the good fortune to be born in
– 18th Mar 2015, after reading some rude comments by people celebrating Mr Lee’s supposed death (it was a hoax).

For those who hated his guts, you must have thought it is a day worth celebrating until you realized how much he is admired, remembered and loved.

It’s hard to swallow the fact that the rest of the world does not share your hatred

– 23rd Mar 2015, after seeing public reaction to Mr Lee’s death (it was for real this time).

Frankly, even if you have the likes of Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, Rajaratnam and Lim Kim San, are you able lead them?

So pleasedon’t keep downplaying Mr Lee’s contributions.

Yes, it was a team effort, but he was the LEADER and the TEAM is only as good as it’s leader.

And whoever runs a country all by himself? Don’t be ridiculous

– 23rd Mar 2015, after some people tried to make light of Mr Lee’s contributions.

Those critics must be gnashing their teeth at the sight of the endless queue.
– 25th Mar 2015, after seeing the number of people queuing up to go to Parliament House.

Honestly, it is a futile and hypocritical attempt by those alternative websites (and some individuals) to invoke the names of the past for their own agenda.

But too bad, the echo of Mr Lee’s legacy reverberates so loudly it has drowned out all those petty voices.
– 26th Mar 2015, after more critics tried to discredit Mr Lee.

This morning at Padang, I truly saw what it means to be “regardless of race, language and religion”.

Chinese. Malays. Indians… (and even some Mat Sallehs) all came for 1 purpose.

Cherish the interracial harmony we have fought so hard to build. Never let those with agendas destroy it.
– 27th Mar 2015, after paying my last respect at Parliament House.

If you can’t trust what the PAP guys say about Mr Lee, then read (and watch) what the most “eh tong” (hokkien) opposition leader have to say about him.

Unlike the new breed of “neo-oppositions”, Mr Chiam is a true gentleman, the kind of opposition I would welcome into Parliament.

But alasthey don’t make oppositions like him these days.
– 27th Mar 2015, after seeing a video clip of Mr Chiam See Tong paying his last respect to his long-time political opponent.

Do not “SHARE” their videos or articles, even if it’s to rebut them.
Do not give them a platform to garner publicity, even if it’s bad publicity.

Let their videos or articles die a natural death. Let their words fall to the ground without making a sound. (you know whose videos and articles I am talking about)”
-28th Mar 2015, after a young boy’s expletive-laden video about Mr Lee and Christianity went viral.

Those thousands of people in the queue have dispelled any notion that LKY “ruled (mainly) by fear”.

Fear will not move one to queue for hours only to take a less-than-a-minute final look at someone.”
– 28th Mar 2015, after seeing more articles from alternative websites.



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