Elementary, Watson… Elementary…

Sherlock Holmes: …Moriarty.
Jamie Moriarty: This isn’t… how, or when, I wanted to reveal myself to you. (glances at the corpse of her rogue agent) But, Mr. Proctor forced the issue.
Sherlock Holmes: (struggling and in pain from his gunshot wound) This is a ruse. You… So- who was the man I, uh, spoke to on the phone, who said he was Moriarty?

Sherlock Holmes:… What if I don’t believe you?
Jamie Moriarty: You don’t want to believe me… and yet, your legendary powers of observation are screaming that I’m telling the truth right now.
Sherlock Homes: Why would you do this? Seduce me, and then lead me to believe you’d been murdered…
Jamie Moriarty: Well, you’re the detective, Sherlock- you tell me.
Sherlock Holmes:… (smirking) Well, I must have interrupted one of your plans while I was working in Scotland Yard.


I know that you lied to me. I’m not angry, if anything I am grateful.
– Sherlock Holmes, Elementary


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