The Tube

Forget about serious stuff like fighting for democracy, the ISIS and Sim Lim Square, let’s us, for a while, dwell on the more trivial things in life.

… used to believe I would never warm up to the idea of a female Watson, but such is the chemistry between Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller that I have nearly forgotten the good doctor was called “John”. And Moriarty is now synonymous with a sexy blonde.

… seems like one of the pleasures in life for me these days is to wait for the next Avengers movie (damn… another five months to the Age of Ultron!) or the next episode of the Agents of SHIELD (damn… they are going into their mid-season break!). Hopefully Agent Carter can help to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, assuming it will be on Fox.

… frankly, I think 24 is the smartest television series ever. All the script-writers ever need to think is someone (the Vice-President) or some group (Russian or Chinese) for Jack Bauer to kick his/their arse in 24 hours.

… when will Star World ever do a re-run of the first 7 seasons of How I Met Your Mother? I am tired of seeing Barney and Robin going through for their wedding over and over again.



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