It is fun, and at times gratifying, to debate over theological or doctrinal stuff.

You throw out tonnes of verses to prove your point while I dig out more verses to rebut them. You quote words of some famous (or infamous, depending on your denomination) theologians but I accuse you of relying on man’s philosophy. You question my salvation with Matthew 7:21 and I shove John 3:16 into your face…

And then… nothing changes (except satisfying our thirst for argumentation and feeding our sense of self-importance).

Come end of the day, I still see you as a legalistic Pharisee, you still think of me as a cheap-grace Antinomian, and we are both left frustrated at each other’s inability to see the “Truth”.

Don’t get me wrong. Having the right doctrine is of paramount importance and I will argue till the day of Rapture against any “various and strange doctrines”, but there are times where it just do not matter (as much).

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, when a parent is wasting away from a degenerative disease, when a spouse passes away suddenly, when we ourselves received a bad report from the doctors … do we really give a hoot about the difference between Calvinism (reformed or otherwise), Ariminianism (classical or pop) or Lutheranism (German or Italian), along with many other “isms”…?

We just want to know if our groan will reach His throne, we just want to know if He is willing to heal, we just want to know if He walks with us through the valley of the shadows of death…

… we just want to know if He cares



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