Strength, Peace and Rest

If the body is a vehicle, I am running a little low on fuel at the moment.

No. I have been eating well (perhaps a little too well at times), but I have been pushing myself through fatigue for quite some time and not been getting quality rest.

There are times when I just feel like lying on the bed and sleep the entire day away, though that is easier said than done for me these days…

Cristiano Ronaldo

To be honest, I am quite tired of being tired…. and not just physically. I think my brain can do with a little rest as well.

But anyway, there is nothing much I can do at the moment but only rely on Him…

My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
(Psalm 73:26 NASB)

When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
(Proverbs 3:24 NASB)

Now may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every  circumstance.
(2 Thessalonians 3:16 NASB)


Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.
(Isaiah 40:31 NASB)


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