The Choice Is Clear

There are too many things I feel like writing, and that… is the problem: I couldn’t decide which one I should start with.

Sometimes the best thing for us is to be limited only to 1 choice (although it is really a misnomer to call something a choice when it is the only one available… after all, how can it be a choice when we cannot choose?)

By having no Option B, C, D, E, F, G…etc, it actually force us to narrow our focus, concentrating all our resources in pursuing a single course of action, and such singularity of purpose usually yields positive results.

And there are even psychological benefits to it.

Imagine going to your favorite hyper-mart (yup, it is all very hyper these days) to buy butter. It is infinitely less taxing on your brain to find only 1 brand of butter (a good one, hopfully) on the shelf than having 20 different brands to agonize over.

(Hey… what do ya know? I actually wrote something…)


Tyranny of Choices.


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