Man United: The New Beginning

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a post on football, and understandably so.

After all, what’s there to write about in a season which saw us surrendering our Premiership crown, sacking our manager only after 10 months and failing to secure a Champions League spot (don’t even get me started on those humiliating home defeats.. arrghhh…).


I thought things were looking up in the pre-season. We were all filled with renewed optimism after clinching the ICC trophy under our new gaffer, Louis Van Gaal, defeating the likes of Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Liverpool (yeah!!) along the way. For a while, it looked like the good o’ days are back in Old Trafford and last season was just a bad dream.

But 3 matches ( it is really 4, but I am denying that League Cup loss ever happened) into the new season, United looks no different from the United of last season (sorry Moyes, we now know it is not your fault).

Perhaps, finally realizing the true magnitude of United’s problems, Van Gaal embarked on a spending spree never seen before, splashing 150 million pounds on the transfer market in a single season (to think we used to deride City and Chelsea for “buying success“) to rebuild the squad.

While more than delighted to see the arrival of world-class players like Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria, I am not convinced we have addressed our biggest issue in the middle of the pitch.

It is no secret that United has been crying out for a strong holding midfielder since the departure of Keane. It is a position I thought would be filled by Arturo Vidal, but alas, for all the months of hoo-ha, we fail to land our No 1 target yet again (think Fabregas).

*A side-note: Just how did Fergie manage to get by all these years with someone as average as Michael Carrick in the middle is truly beyond me. Guess he really does have the Midas Touch*

But as it is… we have assembled a formidable squad that can, at least on paper, rival any team in Europe and all that is left now is for Van Gaal to work his magic and transform these bunch into a great team.




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