“Happy” Penguins and Books

I believe in the old adage that everybody is entitled to my opinion. So here goes:

Some anonymous wise man (it is usually a man) once said, “We are what we read.” I concur.

We don’t need to run a test in the lab to confirm the power of reading. Just make a list of some of your most cherished beliefs and try to recall how you got started believing in them. Chances are… you read  about them at some point of your life.

Even when we were kids, we believe (or at least entertain the possibility) in a lot of fantastic stuff through the story books we read:
– little pigs that build houses…
– big bad wolf that could (successfully) impersonate an old lady…
– princess who could sleep for a hundred years and waking up without bedsores..
– princess who could feel a pea through layers and layers of mattresses (quite disturbing, if you ask me)…
– and policemen who would apprehend you for not finishing your meal…(ok, this one came from my mum)

It may seem laughable to us now, but as children, we were so impressionable that we can believe in almost anything (and we go to the other extreme as we grow up).

Thus, I thought it was commendable that NLB made a stand and took a step in protecting the minds of our young kids. It is naive to think that, left to their own device, children can discern what’s right and wrong at their tender age.

I applaud their decision.

(No. I am not going to launch into a discourse on the subject of alternative lifestyle here. It is beyond the scope of a short blog post.)



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