Words of A Real Singaporean (who did NS and holds Pink I/C)

If you have not already realized, Singapore is now under attack.

No. Our aggressors do not wear military outfits or carry automatic rifles, nor are they religious fanatics using home-made explosives or toxic gases.

Instead, they are dressed in cloaks of anonymity, keyboards are the weapons of choice, deceit as their ammunition, cyberspace being the area of ops and their intended target: the (PAP) Government of Singapore!!

They pretended to be one us, trying to convince us that they represent the “real Singaporeans”, but make no mistake… these guys do not have our best interests at heart. They do not really care about our rights or freedom. They would not lose sleep over the plight of the poor and the less-privileged, though they certainly have no qualms in using these issues as pretexts to attack the ruling party (heck.. they are probably not even “real” Singaporeans to begin with).

No. That is not what they are here for. They are here to create divisiveness, to spread hatred, to sow discord. And they are now looking to recruit more people to join their political vendetta against the Men in White .

But honestly, many Singaporeans are getting tired of their antics and disgusted by their tactics.

Thank God there still remain a majority of us who are not hoodwinked by their twisted logic, not taken in by their fallacious arguments, unmoved by the racial /xenophobic sentiments they have stirred up.

They will not prevail.




* Just for the record, my post is only targeting at those websites that claimed to be “real” and for “Singapore” but in reality, are just trying to stir sh**  with their blatant lies.*


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