Devils In The Pits

By now, even the blind can see that my beloved Manchester United is in a crisis (ok, I am aware that blind people cannot see, but I suppose they can listen to the news).

While we always know it will be a season of transition, I guess nobody, not even our harshest critics, could have foreseen how disastrous the season has turned out so far:

– Knocked out in both domestic cup competitions by lesser opponents.
– On the brink of elimination in Europe (at the time of writing).
– Languishing in 7th spot on the league table with no Champions League or even Europa League prospect in sight.

… and we are talking about a club which won last season’s league title by a comfortable margin.

After being fed on a constant diet of success for more than 2 decades under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson, we suddenly find ourselves having the proverbial humble pie stuffed down our throats with alarming frequency, and it is not just at the hands arch rivals of Liverpool (arghh..), Man City or Chelsea, even teams like Newcastle, West Brom and Everton are now taking points from United with impunity.

Understandably, fans all around the world are seething… and the guy to bear the brunt of our rage is of course our new manager, David Moyes.

He is only good for smaller clubs like Everton!! He does not have what it takes to manage a big club like United!!”
He is not a proven winner!! He has not won a single trophy in his managerial career!!”
He lacks the ability (and perhaps the looks?) to manage the big egos in the dressing room!!”
He does not have the tactical acumen of top managers and his coaching methods suck!!”
He cannot motivate the players like Fergie did!!”

(…. just to list a few indictments against the ex-Everton man)

Sure, as manager, he should and must shoulder most of the responsibility for the club’s dismal performance, but are we certain that he is really that bad…  and just only after less than a season? Somehow, many of us presume we know more about managing a football club than the man who was handpicked by Sir Alex to take over the hotseat at Old Trafford.

Lest we forget, football matches are won by players on the pitch and not the one in the dugout. If United players need someone to constantly cajole them into winning matches, then I suppose we have bigger problems than just sacking the manager would solve.

I say… Do not be like our trigger-happy rivals who change managers more than they win titles. Let Moyes get his own players, mold his own team, impose his own style and we can make a better judgment next season.

By then he can have no more excuses.

“Your job now is to stand by your new manager…” (Fergie to United fans)


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