Boys to Men to Uncles…

Left toe, right toe, keep up the tempo!
Left toe, right toe, aye oh, aye oh!
Here we go again…
Same old s**** again…
Up and down the avenue…
3 more times and we’ll be through!!”
(lyrics from a perfectly un-misogynistic army song)

For the record, I am not a super siao on or super garang soldier.

I don’t miss wearing my No 4/ SBO/helmet. I don’t miss carrying my M16 (now SAR 21) around, stripping/assembling and cleaning it for the umpteen times. I don’t miss filling sandbags, digging shell-scrapes and not changing underwears for days (yucks). In fact there are so many things that I don’t miss about my ICT that I would dream of deferment almost every year (but always never got approved).

But that being said… I do miss the camaraderie I have with my army mates. I do miss the drinking session at the mess (especially on the last day). I do miss the sense of accomplishment after every exercise. And of course, I don’t mind the extra $200 or $400 for IPPT and Marksmanship.

Hey… even if there is never going to be a war, at least I have some interesting NS stories to tell my grandchildren.


 “Have you ever wonder, why must we serve….?”
(lyrics of another very kosher army song)


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