2013 Top Favorites

Once again, it is time to give out my imaginary awards to my favorite people/books/movies for the year 2013…

Favorite Man United Player: David De Gea


Honestly, It should be Wayne Rooney for carrying the team in a very mediocre season so far. But the young Spanish custodian gets my vote for his vast improvements (especially at crosses) since his jittery first season.

Favorite Non-Man United Player: Yaya Toure (Man City)

Yaya Touré

While we all know City has a formidable strike-force, the Ivorian dynamo is the one who really runs the engine room. Dynamic, strong and skillful (an ex-Barca player after all)… the kind of midfielder that Man United desperately needs now.

Favorite Dude (International): Sir Alex Ferguson


Oh boy, how we miss fiery Scot at the helm. But well… after more than 2 decades of unprecedented success at Old Trafford, he deserves to bow out in glory.

Favorite Dude (Local): Romeo Tan


Some of you might be surprised by my choice in this category, but I do find this chap quite likeable on-screen, and he did so without appearing to try too hard.

Favorite Babe (International): Claire Danes


It is not exactly Claire Danes per se, but rather her alter-ego, Carrie Mathison in “Homeland“. Granted, Carrie may not be the most babe-licious (or the most sane) woman ever to grace our TV screen, but she never fails to grip me with her intensity in the scenes she appeared in. Danes thoroughly deserved her Emmys.

Favorite Babe (Local): Jessica Liu


It was a toss-up between her and Rui En, but she gets the nod for appearing in almost every good show that MediaCorp has produced for the past few years, and definitely more of a looker than the latter.

Favorite Book: Predictably Irrational (Dan Ariely)


I have read plenty of good books this year, and it is tough to make a choice. But I will go for Ariely’s book for the fact that it has plenty of  useful and practical lessons one can apply in life. For those in sales, marketing and leadership position, they should get this.

Favorite TV Series: Sherlock


Forget about Guy Richie’s comedy-gongfu flick and the underwhelming US version, “Elementary”.  This modern rendition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic takes the cake for keeping closest to the spirit to the original and it’s brilliant cast of actors.

Favorite Movie: Ah Boys to Men


There were countless “army” movies and drama series over the years, but none comes close in terms of it’s authentic portrayal of BMT. I should know… I was a BMT sergeant.

Special Mention: Pastor Joseph Prince


It will not be an exaggeration to say I owe this man a life debt. After all, he is the one who pointed me to Jesus and I have been reaping the benefits of his teaching ever since. I thank God for putting me under his ministry.


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