Training to be Soldiers…

The Chinese word for “nation” is made up of 2 characters 国家 (“Country” & “Home”), and as the Chinese would say, “国家,国家,有国才有家  (without the country, there no home)”. 

I do not enjoy the hardship and inconvenience any more than the average Singaporean guy (I am not so siao on), but I am never in doubt about the reason for National Service. To defend our country is to defend our home… our parents, our wives and our children (maybe even our dogs, for some).

I could never understand what those anti-NS critics were thinking when they asked, “Why are we doing this “slavery”?”.

Somehow all they can think of is that their time could have be better spent doing their “own things” (exactly what are those things I do not know) than to serve NS. It seems to me that the safety and freedom of their loved ones are not at the top of their priority list.

Maybe they need to experience what is “国破家亡” (country fallen and family broken) to appreciate the value and importance of NS.


We may not win the war, but we do our best… to prevent atrocities like the above.


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