Favourites 2012

As we are approaching the end of the year (again), it is customary that I should put down my list of Favourites for 2012. The fun part is to compare this list with those of the previous years and see how my taste for things have changed or remained…

Fav Footballer of the Year- Man U


Robin Van Persie

It should have been Wayne Rooney, but for novelty sake, I will go for the Dutchman whose combination with the former has been instrumental (so far) in guiding United to the top of the EPL table and through the the knockout stages of UCL. (Eat your heart out Arsenal…)


Fav Footballer of the Year- Non-Man U


Sergio Aguero

Didn’t think I would pick someone from the wrong side of Manchester, did you? Again, it should have been Cristiano Ronaldo, but again, I guess I should nominate someone else just to freshen things up. Despite his poor choice of football club, I must say he is really quite a decent striker and for a City player, surprisingly likeable…


Fav Dude of the Year- International


Gordon Joseph Levitt

First caught my eye in “Inception” , and his role as John Blake in “Dark Knight Rises” truly cemented his status. May not possess the typical Hollywood good looks, but natural acting and an unassuming demeanor make him so easy to like. I think he will go far.

Fav Babe of the Year- International


Joan Holloway (by Christina Hendricks)

It is not her, but rather the character she portrayed in Mad Men. Embodies what real feminity is all about. Just look at those curves, those curves and of course… those curves.


Fav Dude of the Year- Local


Lee Kwan Yew

You could say he was THE highlight of this year’s NDP. Had the whole of Singapore waiting with bated breath for his appearance after rumours of his demise were circulating wildly just days before the event. And you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from the crowd when he finally came on ( though some lovely people still insist it was a body double). Love him or hate him, you simply can’t ignore him.


Fav Babe of the Year- Local

 Jayley Woo

To be honest, I don’t think she is beautiful, but she has a face that is fresh looking and not easily forgettable. I predict a bright future for her.  


Fav Movie of the Year


The Dark Knight Rises

Can there any doubt that it will be this? An epic conclusion to an awesome trilogy.


Fav Author of the Year- Secular

 Dan Kennedy

With so much of “New-Age-metaphysical-psychobabble-masquerading-as-science” that is now flooding the world of business writings, Kennedy’s “NO-BS” series of books are a rarity which are filled with tonnes of authentic, practical real-world business strategies and his own brand of wicked humour. 


Fav Author of the Year- Christian

 Max Lucado

This guy has a unique way of re-telling biblical stories in a very simple and readable form. I enjoy reading all his books so far.    


Favourite Website of the Year


Creation Ministries International

There was a friend of mine who claimes that the reason she couldn’t become a Christian was that all the evidence in science had proven the Bible to be wrong. I wished I could have refer her to Creation Ministries back then. All that I have read in there has, without exaggeration, immensely strengthen my faith in the accuracy of the Bible and I have no reservations in recommending them to anyone, Christians or other wise.   




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