A tale of 2 Fallible Men

… to be fair, Luis Suarez has every right to refuse the handshake of Patrice Evra. There is no law or biblical doctrine stipulating that he couldn’t. But the only issue is… his own club manager Kenny Dalglish had told the press, before the match, that Suarez had promised to shake the latter’s hands.

By not keeping to his words, the Liverpool striker had made a mockery of Dalglish’s words and undermined his manager’s authority in public. Was it any wonder that Dalglish reacted the way he did in the post-match interview??



.. I can imagine that Mr Low Thia Kiang must be feeling as gutted as Kenny Daglish now. After all, he was “betrayed” by his own protege and possible successor. Kicking Yaw Shin Leong out of the party was the right thing to do and probably the only thing he could do.

If only Yaw is just a footballer, he would have stayed on.


Anyway, after the news of Yaw’s sacking broke, some of friends were claiming, with almost righteous indignation, that it was “despicable” of the PM Lee and Mr Khaw to take pot shots at Yaw after the incident.

But.. I clearly remember some of them were not above sniping PAP at any given opportunity (from the MRT, flooding/ponding of Orchard Rd,  the ministerial pay review to even the $10 carrot cake… etc), but somehow this time, they are taking the moral high ground to condemn those who speak out against an elected MP who, by the admission of even his own party, had question marks over his personal life .

Hmm… humans are indeed a strange bunch.


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