Have been as prolific in my writing as Fernando Torres in scoring goals. But let me just have a go today…


I had an epiphany last week when rearranging my book shelves: I had bought too many books!! 

In fact, at my peak of my book-buying spree, it was almost at a rate of 1 book every 2 months. While devouring (defined as actually reading it from cover to cover) 6 books a year are by no means an earth-shattering feat, that represented a lifetime supply for some people I know.


Being a voracious reader as I am, it is almost impossible for me to stop accquiring new books. So in order to continue satisfying my insatiable appetite for reading, and solve the problem of limited storage space, I have decided to do the thing that our teachers used to encourage us to—- borrow from the libraries.

Honestly, I used to (erroneously) believe I wouldn’t find updated business books in the library, but I was wrong. Besides having the most of latest best-sellers one can find in bookstores, they actually have some other titles that one couldn’t find (maybe only at places like Kinokuniya or Page One). Eg: Books by Seth Godin and Jay Abraham, 2 of my favourite business writers,

So I encourage you guys to visit the libraries and catch up on your reading. It is FREE anyway…

Good books are like a treasure vault, full of valuable knowledge. Just as the Chinese said, “书中自有黄金屋.”






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