No Topic

It felt like a gadzillions of years have passed since I last did this… engaging myself in spontaneous writing.

I have no topic to begin with, and I am not sure where all this typing would lead me to. But It is fun, it is exciting. It is like skydiving in only your underpants, only safer. Trust me, everyone should do this sometimes.

Anyway, as I have said on numerous occassions that who really give a hoot of what I wrote? I am no Xiaxue, Dawn Yang or that Perez, “the gay” Hilton whose viewership can possibly fill 2 Jalan Besar Stadiums, to say the least, I am just a self-glorified blogger who sometimes rant about things that I probably care a bit too much for. If only… if only I took a leaf out from their books and only blog about gossips, scandals and what have you… I could very possibly be more famous than the “Already Famous” Michelle Chong.

Who cares about sophistication when you have trash that everyone loves to read?

Or should I attempt a Steven Lim, make myself look so bad that it actually looks good? I mean I can leave a crop of unkempt long hair. I can wear a yellow swimming trunk. But hey what do we know? Even for a man of such questionable appearance, he actually have a pretty hot girlfriend…. and I always thought he was gay (though I am not ruling out he could be bi… bipolar disorder that is.).

Ok, I guess the juice (of the creative variant) is not flowing for me. Too stuck, both physically and psychologically. I guess it would take a while for me to recover. But I guess I would get used to it… like how I have always gotten used to.


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