Favourites 2011

Have not been updating my blog for quite some time due to some restrictions in my new office’s wireless network, but I guess nobody is really waiting with bated breath for my new entry, so who cares?…. anyway….

Since it is December now, I shall, as usual, put up my list of “favourites” for the Year 2011.

Favourite Footballer- Man United

Wayne Rooney

Yes, all is forgiven and forgotten (of his infidelity to the club)… as long as he keeps playing the way he does. He is, by far, with no exception, the best player for United the past 3 seasons and his superb form towards the end of last season was,IMO, one of the biggest factor in securing the title for the Red Devils.


Favourite Footballer- Non Man United

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

There is never a shred of doubt in my mind as to whom I will put for this category. Who else, among the world footballers today, can claim to be able beat Lionel Messi at something (league scoring record)?


International Dude of the Year

Roger Federer

Despite failing to win a single Grand Slam for the first time since 2002, and overshadowed by a certain Novak Djorkovic for most part of the year, the best tennis player in history still managed to finish 2011 strongly by winning the Swiss Masters, Paris Masters (thrashing the King of Clay, Nadal, along the way) and ATP World Tour Finals.


International Babe of the Year



Sorry, I tried, but none came to mind.


Local Dude of the Year

Christopher Lee

Ever since his infamous hit-and-run case, he has been getting better and better. He starred in 2 of the better drama series dished out by MediaCorp this year (Secrets for Sale and The Oath) and he was the only bright spot in that disastrous and pretentious “Breakout”. Oh yes, his “Adventures of Ah Shun” is a delight to watch too.


Local Babe of the Year

Joanne Peh

As much as I hate to admit this,  after Zoe and Fann, there is no one else in the current crop of MediaCorp artistes, besides Miss Peh, who possess that star factor. If only, she can stop using that obviously phony Shanghai accent in the current 9pm show (though I guess it is too late now).


Author of the Year

Seth Godin

No competition here, it has to be him. I enjoyed (almost) every of his books so far. He is a breath of fresh air in the world of business writings.


Book of the Year

All of Seth Godin’s books.

Yes, his books are THAT good. Throw away all your old, trite and cliched motivational books, and get his. They are shorter, smarter and way better.


Special Mention of the Year


Creation Ministries International

So you thought that “science” has proven there is no God? Or maybe you have been told that the Bible is just a collection of fancy stories, edited over the years by zealous Christian fanatics? Or you have since taken for granted that we share the same ancestors as monkeys? Or perhaps you have been indoctrinated since young to “know” that the Earth is millions and millions of years old? Please go to their website, read their articles and be your own judge. 


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