Favourites ‘Aug 2011

Out of boredom… honouring some of my favourite men and women for the past year.

Favourite Local Dude

Steven Chia

He is not extremely good-looking nor exceptionally charismatic, but somehow I just like to see him every morning on CNA. The best guy to partner the lovely Suzanne Jung.

Favourite Local Babe

Rebecca Lim

These days, it is difficult NOT to see her, either on screen or in print. And it is not a bad thing actually. After all, she is pretty, have a good figure and a great sunny smile. A Joanne Peh in the making… 

Favourite Dude, International

Huang Guolun (Taiwan)

I guess the songs he wrote are more famous than him, but for those who have watched the Taiwanese talent show, Super Idol, would be familiar with this humourous, witty and unpretentious chief judge. A breath of fresh air in an enviroment where there are too many people trying to be another “Simon”


Favourite Babe, International

Anna Torv (USA? I think..)

Hugely impressed me with her performance as “BOlivia” on Fringe. For those who couldn’t appreciate what I said, go watch Fringe Season 3.

Favouite TV Show


Ok I know it is an old show (2008 I think). But I watched the late night re-run and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Changed my perception of the male lead, whom I thought would not be able to pull off his role.

Favourite Book

Conspiracy of the Rich (Robert Kiyosaki)

Want to know how US managed to chalk up their current debts? Read this.


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