Random Monkeys


The above is the result of me randomly hitting the keyboard, trying to actually reproduce the first verse of Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”.

No, I am not gone bonkers, I am serious.

According to some scientific or mathematical theories , given a “long period of time” (like a billion years?) and with an infinite number of “me”, one of them (or should I say “me”) is likely to be able to randomly produce a work of literature. In fact, in the original hypothesis, monkeys were used (some might say the difference is negligible..) and the literature work in question was Homer’s “Iliad” ( can you imagine that? …and I was only trying to for a verse). 

The only problem with that is, besides the fact I am one and only, the idea of infinity exists only in theories.  


Perhaps inspired by the new movie, “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, a friend was telling that the scenario protrayed in the show (chimps lording over humans) could well come to pass one day if our primate cousins manage to develop similar levels of IQ that of humans (ok, I know some humans are actually at that level already).

Then he made a pretty significant remark, IMO, “Fortunately, for thousands of years they didn’t,” and I thought “Exactly!!”.

The truth of the matter is, the idea of Ape evolving into Man was really planted into our consciousness by illustrations we see in science books. Guess what? Nobody was ever around to observe that, not one scientist, biologist, zoologist.. not even Charles Darwin who wrote the “Origins of Species”. But so many people (me previously included) happily accepted it as the, so to speak, gospel truth w/o questions.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of Santa Claus sounds more plausible… (and I don’t believe in Santa) 

A close relative of mine?… Not a chance.


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