Miscellaneous Stuff

Devoid of ideas of late.

Was contemplating to write a post on the effeminate China boy who posted THE infamous video, but I guess there is not much to be said about someone who do not seem to possess a necessary level of intellectual faculties (my conviction was further enhanced from watching the his other clips).

Now… not sure when did he post the particular video, (didn’t bother to check), but maybe he should have mentioned the peculiar relationship we have with our foreign talents (FTs). 

I mean it never was an issue for Singapore football fans during the Malaysia Cup days. After all, since 1990 to 1994, we have a total of 8 foreign players donning the national colours to play for us in the competition.

For the record, Alistair Edwards was our top scorer twice. Abbas Saad was our hatrick hero in the 94 Final. Jang Jung was our defensive rock for 2 seasons and, of course, not forgetting Michal “I-Don’t-Like-CPIB” Vana, whose dramatic flight from Singapore would put many of our local scriptwriters to shame. 

But our since last Malaysia Cup triumph, we appeared to have developed a distaste for any players with foreign origins.

Doesn’t matter if he scored the goals that helped beat our neighbours. Doesn’t matter if he was voted the Man-of-The-Match. As long as they do not have “Singapore” printed as their place of birth, their presence will taint every victory, add insults to every defeat.

At least that is what seems to be the case now….


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