Axl Final Manifesto 2011

I suppose I won’t be able to finish this in time, so I would just end with this post. In any case, most of us have already decided who our votes will go to and whatever I write will have little impact on the final outcome…

Many things have been said over the past 9 days, and if one judged solely on the online response, one would think we are going to have a new Govt and Nicole Seah is the messiah sent to redeem the lives of all Singaporeans.

But when one goes around talking to people face-to-face (which I did, thanks to the nature of my work), one would get a very different picture.

You won’t know it from reading all the FB comments or Temasek Review, but there remains a great number of people who are still on the side of PAP. Though they may not be 100% satisfied with them (like most of us are), they do give them credit for bringing Singapore to where it is today and believe they are still the ones who can bring it to a greater height.

This group may not be so vocal in public or make their presence felt online, but they are also Singaporeans, also living in HDB, paying for GST, caught in jams on the CTE, or jostling with the crowd on the MRT. They also see the problems we are facing and recognize the need for improvements, but you got to wonder why they didn’t flock to the other side like what many people think they should. 

Beacuse… they don’t see the point of opposing just for the sake of opposing or opposing because they hated some minister’s guts or the family with the surname Lee. Most importantly, the OPP has not convinced the group that they have what it takes to tackle issues they raised. They don’t need reminders, they want solutions.

Like what PM Lee said, there are no perfect Govt, (I doubt there will ever be such a thing regardless of who is in power) and they are not immune to errors but they are willing to improve. For some reason, I believe him… and I am willing to give PM Lee and his team another shot.

My point is, even if OPP does snatch 33% of the seats, can they gurantee that Orchard Rd will NEVER flood? Can they guarantee inflation will cease to happen? Can they guarantee that no terrorist will EVER escape through some devious mean (or even manage to arrest them in the first place)? Can anyone guarantee that just because an OPP candidate is up there, all our problems will vanish into thin air?

I think we all know the answer.

Majullah Singapura…!!!


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