Axl’s Manifesto 2011 (IV)

continued from my previous post…

6) On Foreign Talents…

Again, tied closely to my previous topics.

One of the complaint I frequently hear is that the foreigners are snatching away our jobs.

Granted. But first we need to sincerely ask ourselves:

– in the first place, are we willing to work in the jobs that they are taking away? Eg: Construction. Factory. Roadsweeping.

– they are willing to work cheap or at least cheaper. So assuming we don’t want to go down to their income level, what are we showing, besides our pink ic, to our employers that we deserve our pay?

– if more businesses pours in, can the local workforce alone handle all the jobs?  

I remember having a conversation with a factory owner who told me that he had no issue about paying Singaporeans the higher salary.. IF ONLY… they can show him that they can work better and harder than the foreigners. But alas, most of his local worker simply failed to better or even match the work ethics of their overseas counterparts.

Already there is a foreigner levy imposed by the Govt as an incentive for the employers to employ our own people. But if jobs still go out to them, should we take a look at ourselves first instead of crying foul?

to be continued…


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