Real Time Heroes

It is unfortunate that financial planners are doomed to remain unsung heroes of the world.

It is human nature to devote the headlines ( though rightfully so) to the surgeon who performed that life-saving surgery, the paramedic who managed to resusitate the dying old lady or the fireman who rescued the crying child out of the burning building. But almost always, the “pushy insurance agent”, whose policies he sold helped to pay for the hefty surgeon fees, the old lady’s stay in the hospital and the rebuilding of the home of the child, does not even warrant a footnote. 

What is a worse for them is in the event that “nothing happens”. After a year or two without claims, clients might be tempted to express some grievances over the fact that they have wasted a considerable amount of their budget (which could have been better splurged on other earthly pleasures) on some “useless policies”.

It seems to me that, for some inexplicable reasons, the only people on earth to realize that insurance is something that one couldn’t buy when it is truly needed are the financial planners (and our beloved clients who are all endowed with that rare quality of foresight). 

The last I checked, dead and sick people don’t buy a lot of insurance…


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