I always remind those budding young magicians that they shouldn’t be tempted to show off at a drop of the hat. It exposes them to unnecessary heckling and diminishes their prestige in the eyes of their audience.

Well, guess what? I haven’t been following my own advice.

For the longest time I have been refraining from performing to my colleagues but alas, just couldn’t keep my hands off my decks.  Caught up in my euphoria, I broke quite a few basics commandments in magic performance… prestige and management.

There were a few occassions that I was too causal in my attitude. This is the cardinal sin for any true magic performers.

I shall repent… and only keep my magic to approporiate occasions and settings.  

With more and more magic being caught on videos, even people like Lu Chen is having with problems with exposure. He said it well, “There is no point in trying to expose magic. It just make the people lose their sense of amazement.”


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