Too many things to write, too little time and space. I will just keep it short and sweet…

1. My favourite non-Man U player used to be my favourite Man U player: Cristiano Ronaldo. Doesn’t matter that Lionel Messi might be the best footballer in the world right now. I like him on his own merit.   

2. I think the founder of XXXXleaks is a big idiot. As if the world is not chaotic enough without his “contribution”.

3. Went to a wealth seminar. Everything was fine until he started his “ask-the-Universe-for-anything-and-it-will-give-it-to-you” BS.  

 4. I pray that Tiger Woods will regain his “mojo”. He is too young, too talented to be wasted.

5. Until Nadal surpassed his records, Federer is (still) officially the best tennis player ever.

 6. Is there any real meaning in peace talks? Hitler didn’t give a hoot about promises or treaties… neither will the terrorists. Get real.

7. Make no mistakes, the media is, unwittingly, helping the terrorists in spreading terror. 

8. Why do they always think magicians are willing to work cheap? Good things don’t come cheap…

9. They don’t make young footballers like the ones of the Class of 92 anymore. We used to win the Premier League with kids… now we can’t even win the Carling Cup.

10. (for somebody who probably might never read this nor realize it is referring to him):

You are definitely one of the MOST childish person I have ever seen. You are over 30 but I think your mentality stays at 13. You overreact like a petty little girl over innoculous comments (The best part is: they are not even directed at YOU!!) and still want to pretend that you are “oh-so-cool” about it. Before you make everyone throws up, please drop that pretense…   

Honestly, I have zero respect for you, and rest assured, I will say it in your face if I ever get to see you again!


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