Roo… again.

Will we miss Rooney? Well, let’s take a look at his contribution to the club…

Last season was his best in terms of personal performance, scoring 34 goals in all competition and won PFA Player of the Year award. But even at his best, Manchester United won no trophies. Overall, he has scored 132 goals in 287 apperances for United. Good, but not outstanding.

Rooney, in happier times.


Let’s take a look at another great player who had since left the club, Cristiano Ronaldo:

In his best season (07-08), he scored 42 goals in all competition, won the PFA Player of the Year for the 2nd time and helped United to a League/Europe Double. Overall: 118 goals in 292 appearances. Might have a poorer scoring ratio to Rooney, but mind you, he scored all those goals as a WINGER whereas the latter was playing as a striker.

Miss those times with Cristiano….


To hava a fair comparison, we will look at another striker then, Ruud Van Nistelrooy:

His best season was in 02-03 where he scored 44 goals in all competition, won EPL Golden Boot Award and helped United to a Premier League title. Overall, he scored 150 goals in 219 appearances and is currently United’s record top-scorer in Europe.

Van the Man.

Ok, maybe we can’t compare Rooney with a goal machine like Van Nistelrooy. Let’s look at another striker and Old Trafford legend, Teddy Sheringham:

Best season in 00-01, he scored 21 goals in 42 appearances, won the PFA Player of the Year and helped United to a League title. Overall record: 46 goals in 145 appearances. Granted, his record ísnt at all that inspiring but at his best year, he still won us a title!! And of course, what about THAT equalizer against Bayern Munich??

He came here and won a lot.


No matter how I looked at it, Rooney isn’t really as important as most people think. He might be a very good player, in fact the best in this current squad, and contributed immensely to the titles we won during the “Cristiano Ronaldo years” but look, even at his best year, he didn’t win us anything… !!

I really hope all the worst for him at wherever he will end up at (unless he stays at United of couse).


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