Random Rantings…

It has been a long while since I last wrote. Besides the fact that I was away to Down Under for 2 weeks, I am really in want of inspiration. Many topics went through my mind, but somehow I just couldn’t form them into meaningful words. Today I am going to try again…


I realized it is not difficult to publish any kind of BS these days and turn them into bestsellers. All you need is to have someone famous, like Oprah, to mention it on her show and that is it… you will become a best-selling author, regardless if the content is really of any good. Or altenatively, you have other famous author friends who would write positive reviews on the back of the cover ( which, of course, you are obliged to reciprocate), thus getting their own readers to buy your books too.

Honestly, I have read enough bestsellers for the past 10 years to know that not all of them  are even worth the price of the paper they are printed on. Below are a few good (or shall I say bad?) examples:

1. Conversation With God

For God’s sake, this book has even become a series and there are actually people who swear by it!! I don’t know about you, but if someone keeps telling me he is hearing voices, I think he needs a shrink (assuming he REALLY heard them). And that begs the question,” How did the author know THAT voice is from God?” How can we be sure he isn’t having some delusions?

2. The Secret (and all other Law of Attraction titles)

The ultimate case of airy-fairy metaphysical BS. It insulted everybody intelligence but somehow many people gladly paid for those insults. If only the world (or Universe as they called it) is as pollyana as what they described, then I guess George Bush would probably win the Nobel Peace Prize, Saddam would have been a Human Rights activist, and Osama would be working as a childcare teacher…

3. The Greatest Show on Earth

It just goes to show that a scientist may not be as smart as most of us imagined. 

Despite all his scientific credentials, Richard Dawkins continues to amuse me with his laughable theories on “why there is certainly no God.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a biologist in this case) to see the obvious flaws in Darwinism. In fact, there are tonnes of books out there, written by many fellow scientists no less,  debunking Darwin. But somehow, Dawkins remained too blind to see them.

Hmm..  maybe there is really big money to be made in atheistic writings. 

Oh my God!! Guess what? I actually finished a post… for the first time in weeks!! Hallelujah!!!


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