A Friend’s Story…

How far would one go in pursue of one’s goals?

I have a friend  whom I deeply respected (let’s call him John). Only 2 years older than me, he now runs 3 businesses, owns 2 rental properties, drives a BMW 5 series and is making up to $10,000 to $50,000 a month (I know because I did a financial review for him). While his income is not exactly an earth-shattering figure, I think you would agree that he is already way ahead, financially, than probably 90% of the people of his age.  

I was having coffee with him a few days ago when he shared with me some of  his experiences at the beginning of his “career”, hoping I might find some inspiration through his story:

10 years ago, he was still a regular in airforce when he decided to turn entreprenuerial… becoming a XXXXX, to be exact. Granted, his choice of “business” is a tad dubious, but that is not the point. The point is, he had NEVER like football in his entire life, either as a player or a spectator (at this point I told him he is wierd… I mean,  how can any guys NOT like football?). To make matters worse, he admitted he wasn’t clear about the rules (which, beside the offside rule, is one of simplest in any sports). Imagine a XXXXX who doesn’t know football !!

Anyway, for the sake of his newfound enterprise, he forced himself to learn all he could about the game. He bought TNP everyday to read up on the latest football news, asked his football-fanatic friends on who the top players were, and even subscribing  to cable TV so that he could catch matches “live”. At the end of 3 months, he still didn’t manage to get himself to love football, but he was, in his own words, able to “talk football better than the ESPN guys on TV”.

While a lot of people nowadays talked about “having interest” when it comes to choice of  business, but John reminded me “don’t talk about interest when MAKING money, interest is only what you consider when SPENDING money.”  

Besides his valiant effort he put in for his “education”,  another thing that left a deep impression upon me was how he sacrificed his personal time during his initial 3 years. He told me that for 3 years, he had virtually zero social life, as all his weekends were spent watching weekend football,  and he had to stand by beside his cellphone to wait for any “orders” from his “customers (those were the times before the business went “online”).

After all these years he has since switched lanes, and is able to finally afford time for leisure activities, but it was because of everything he did in that 3 years that built the foundation for what he is today.

Sometimes, we do need to ask ourselves, have we give everything we have in pursue of our goals or just simply paying lip service to it?


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