Heart of a Father

Let’s have a HEART to HEART talk today…

When I was still a small child, my dad used the cane on me whenever I misbehaved big time. I still remember after every of such “disciplinary” session, he would remind me (papraphrazed), “You feel pain on your flesh but my pain is on my heart. I don’t enjoy canning you, but I have to discipline you because I love you. I don’t want you to grow up without knowing what is right or wrong!”  

His words remained with me even till now. 

Besides his words, there was also his actions. During my gowing-up years, I could see with my own eyes of all the sacrifices he made so that I could have food on my plate,  clothes to wear, a roof over my head and an education for making a living. I grew up knowing that he always love me despite the occasional chastening from him.

Now, that IS the heart of a father.

Recently, I have read writings from other so-called Christians that portrayed our Heavenly Father as an angry, vindicative and wrathful God. The best part is, they actually sound so proud that they have such a God (OMG)!! They could  quote tonnes of Bible verses to support their claims (while totally ignoring many more others that don’t) and even able to spout some philospohical jargons to add weight to their words (probably wanting to confuse you if they can’t convince you).  

While they are without no doubt very informed and knowledgeable people,  constantly reading up Christian or philosphical books and perhaps even attend theological classes, but only ONE THING they lacked, and the most important of all:

knowing the HEART of God.

Yes, God IS a just and holy God, meaning He has to deal severely with sins and evil. To do anything less than that would diminish His credibility… and we know He would never allow His standard to drop. But is it really His will to melte out punishments? Does He enjoy sending out floods, heavenly fire and brimestones? If that is really the case, ask yourself WHY would He send Jesus? 

He loved us so much that He didn’t even withold His beloved Son to die a horrible death for us. He loved us even before we loved Him and we can now love because “He first loved us”!!

And look at Jesus again… He told the disciples of John that what other signs they wanted when “the lame walks, the deaf hears and the blind see”, and Jesus IS IMMANUEL, “God among us”, so what other things you want to see today to convince that God’s will is to love, to save and to heal?!    

But sadly, whenever it comes God, some people could only think of laws and commandments.

Even to your old age and gray hairs
       I am He, I am He Who will sustain you.
       I have made you and I will carry you;
       I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” (Isa 46:4)


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