Sports Sunday

In Tennis…

For what seems like eternity, Roger Federer has finally won a title again, the Cincinatti Masters. A positive sign for the upcoming US Open.

With defending champ Del Porto out due to injury and longtime nemesis Nadal plauged with injury doubts once again, dare anyone bet against the Swiss master adding another Grand Slam title to his collection? And dare we bet against him mustering another comeback to regain his World No 1 ranking from Nadal?

Federer can smile once again.

In Football…

Somehow, winning 6-0 seems to be the “in-thing” this 2 weeks. Chelsea did it not once, but twice, and even newly promoted Newcastle did it to Aston Villa, surely one of the biggest shock of the season so far.

Though it is too early to make any predictions yet, but Wigan must surely be the prime candidate for the drop. Conceding 10 goals and scoring none in 2 games is definitely relegation form. The signs are more ominous when you consider they lost their opening game to Blackpool, a team that just got promoted and co-incidentally, got thrashed 6-0 by Chelsea.   

But for the title race, some people are already talking about Chelsea retaining the title. Granted, they may be firing on all cylinders at the moment, but 2 wins don’t win you any title, as least not yet. All it takes is for them to drop a point here, drop a point there, plus a couple of losses at the hands of their rivals,  and soon, the Red Devils will be back on top. Haha…

The only concern for me now is United’s over-reliance on the old guards. Look at who were the best performers for the Red Devils last night against Fulham? It was the 2 “Uncles of Unites” Paul Scholes (35 years old) and Edwin Van Der Saar (40 years old).

The only bright spot, IMO, from the young ones was Nani, who actually added some penetration to the attack. But of course, Ronaldo he is yet to be. The original Portugese Peacock would have put away the penalty with ease and probably scored the freekick too.


Midfield Maestro: Imagine what England could have been with him around?


As much as I love to support our own atheletes,  I have to concede that our boys and girls are still a long way to go before they can even hope to take on the rest of the world.

I was quite nauseated last week, when I heard our taekwondo bronze medalist talking, in an TV interview, about how proud he felt after “winning” Singapore first YOG medal. I hope he was just saying it for the cameras, because I really didn’t see how one can feel proud after losing 0-12 to the Iranian boy (who eventually pulled out of the final) in the semis.

Mind you, I am not belittling him or his efforts. But surely we can’t be contented with that level of performance if we are ever going to compete on the big stages. If he had lost by putting up a credible fight, I will still be happy about it, but 4 kicks to his head without even a single reply?? That was a thrashing by any standard. 

Still, there is some silver lining in the horizon, literally… THAT silver medal from swimming. Now, that IS indeed something to be really proud of. 

Oh yeah… oh yeah… oh yeah… yeh…



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