Tired with the Law-yers

Been doing a lot of “fellowshipping” on FB lately and truth to be told, I actually felt quite dry and tired after reading what some of the guys posted.

Honestly, I really hope I had actually misunderstood the meaning behind their words. Otherwise, I shuddered to think the kind of damages they could be doing to people with their “Old Convenant” beliefs, which even the Bible had deemed obselete.

Thanks to the excellent teaching of my pastor over the years, whenever I pick up the Bible, I see Jesus in His grace and mercy all over, even in the Old Testament. But somehow, all they could see is Mount Sinai… law, judgment, wrath, anger, consumng fire etc. And the best part is, it actually gives them a sense of pride and superiority.  

Certainly, I have come to the conclusion that God is too important a subject to be left to theologians, who love nothing more than to exhibit their immense knowledge of the Bible by using plenty of philosophical and theological jargons in their words (which hardly anyone understands, except for their kind). They have the “letter” (literally and figuratively) but not the Spirit. Not too different from the Pharisees and Saducees who knew the A-Z of the law, but too blinded to see God’s heart, does it?

David was a man described as ” a man after God’s heart” and  when I read his psalms, I can see he indeed had the revelations about the true heart of God: A God  who did not give a hoot for animal sacrifices but really wanted to just shower His love on His people. It take theologians, scholars and philosophers to complicate and distort things as plain as that.

But I concede,  it is not up to me to change their mind, but I pray that Jesus will (and He is always willing).

As it is now, I will rest my case with them. They can remain in their theological ivory tower and through their own blogs or comments,  keep acting as a  “accuser of the brethren”on those they deemed as “feel-good/prosperity” preachers who, ironically, are saving more souls every day than all of them combined.


The Lord is our Shepherd. His staff and rod COMFORT us… not whack us.  He only whacks the wolves.


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