Unmerited Favor

I must confess:

I haven’t been reading my Bible regularly in recent months. I skipped a few Sunday sermons this year for entirely selfish reasons. I got angry with a number of people and even used some pretty harsh words at times. I failed to give my tithes and offerings for a month. I murmured against God when things didn’t go my way. I…. well, there are just too many things that I did or did not do for me to list them all. 

So am I doomed to eternal damnation already? According to some people, I should be… unless I confess all my sins now,  and “renounce my worldly ways”. Only then God might forgive me (again?) and grant my salvation back.

Honestly, I do not really know what it means to renounce the worldly ways. All I know is that “where sin abounds, GRACE abounds much more!” Jesus, my Lord,  is greater than all the sins in the world and His convenant states that His work on the cross had dealt with mine once and for all. 

I am not so prideful as to think I can do something to merit His salvation (like the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai). I can do nothing more to add to it, and I can do nothing less to lessen it. It is ALL about Him!!

I am always annoyed by fellow Christians who like to find fault with other Christians and instill fear by using words like, “God would not be mocked”. Don’t they know it makes made them closer to the devil than God? Don’t they know the devil is called the “accuser of the brethren”? And guess what they are doing…??

For me and my family, I would rather focus on  Jesus and the Cross, resting on His love for us, and knowing my salvation is intact in HIM!!  And that… is better than any outward actions. 


SAys it all.


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