English Breakfast… (ordered by the Germans)

If you don’t already know by now, England was comprehensively beaten by Germany 1-4 and once again, I am left with no team to support after another of my favourite, South Korea, was eliminated by Uruguay the day before in a hard-fought encounter.

So as it stands now, there re no more exisiting Man United players in the World Cup and they can enjoy their holidays till the next season, but I do suspect Wayne Rooney won’t be quite enjoying his. I mean even Park Ji Sung managed to score 1 goal more than him and he was supposed to be one of contenders for the Golden Boot, but was booted out w/o scoring one. How embrassing it must be for a guy rated as one of the best players in the world!! (for all that’s worth, even Matthew Upson, a defender, got a goal)

Oh well, he can at least comfort himself with the fact he is still young enough for the next World Cup, and by then, there won’t be John Terry to drink beer with.

Rooney could only keep thinking of the World Cup.


* By the way, I feel it is a total lack of respect to keep focusing on how bad England played. The Germans were by far the better team and it is time to give them credit where it is due. With regards to the disqualified Lampard goal, well, when you lost 1-4, it is hard to argue that a goal would have made that big a difference.*


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