Truly Asia

I thought the Koreans were great, but the Japanese is even better.

Mind you, they beat Cameroon and Denmark, 2 teams with considerable international pedigree, not some obscure country which we never even knew existed. And the best part is, they did it convincingly and in style. Congrats to the Blue Samurais…

Anyway…let’s look at the teams that qualified so far:

1. Mexico (North America)*

2. Uruguay (South America)

3. Argentina (South America)

4. South Korea (Asia)*

5. England (Europe)*

6. USA (North America)

7. Germany (Europe)

8. Ghana (Africa)

9. Paraguay (South America)

10. Slovakia (Europe)

11. Japan (Asia)

12. Holland (Europe)

13. Brazil (South America)

3 more teams fighting for a place tonight and I am guessing it would be Spain, Portugal and Chile. So 2 more spots for Europe and 1 more for South America.

It is hardly surprising to see European and South American teams taking up most of the places. After all, they are allocated more berths by FIFA.

What is truly heartening to see is out of the 4 qualifiers from Asia ( Australia, South Korea, Japan and North Korea), 2 of them made it. The Aussies were a tad unlucky, suffering from bad refereeing decisions and the North Koreans.. well, give them more time. 

All in all, I say well done Asia and dare we bet on a Asian team in the semis? I say why not? The Koreans did it in 2002 after all…

*Hmm… so when will Singapore ever go to World Cup?? Maybe the day when the whole team consists of Brazilians PRs.*



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