World Cup 2010

If anyone even noticed, I have not wrote anything  on the World Cup since it started. Truth to be told, there hasn’t been anything worth writing about so far, save perhaps for the irritating buzzing of the vuvuzelas (which a woman reportedly damage her throat after extensive blowing..ha.).

But in any case, I did manage to find some things worth of note, mostly involving Man United players, both present and former:

1. Despite that disappointing 1-4 loss to Argentina,  the South Koreans can hold their heads high.

IMO, they have been the most exciting team to watch so far, fast, energetic and compact. Most importantly, they are not afraid to move forward to attack, even in the face of much stronger opposition like Argentina. Their 2-0 win over Greece in their opening game is proof that Asian teams are no longer in the World Cup just to make up the numbers. I do hope they can make it into the next round by beating Nigeria in their next game.

A special mention should go to North Korea too, for their brilliantly taken goal against the Brazilians.

The Korean Tigers, speaheaded by United’s Park Ji Sung (No 7).


2. I was absolutely delighted by ex-United striker Diego Forlan’s brace against South Africa. Despite not enjoying much success at Old Trafford, he somehow remained quite a popular figure in the hearts of many United fans, largely due to his unassuming demeanour and certainly his 2 goals heroics against Liverpool at Anfield years ago (with some help Jerzy Dudek).

Forlan has since flourished into one of the most deadly striker in Europe after leaving United.


3. How fast can a hero to turn into a villian? Apparently quite fast.

Just weeks ago, Wayne Rooney was The Messiah of English football, but after 2 indifferent games, he has suddenly become the most villified player in England ( not helped by his sarcastic outburst towards his own fans at the end of the Algeria match).

But perhaps the fans need to be reminded Rooney was the key reason that England can even set foot in South Africa in the first place.

England’s saviour now needs to save himself.


4. Lionel Messi had already flexed his muscles in this tournament and I’m still waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo’s turn. Perhaps against the North Koreans tonight?? He better be… if he seriously wants to regain his title as the Best Footballer in the World from Messi .

Still waiting for his goals to flow for Portugal.


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