There was an article in a local tabloid yesterday, about the lifestyle of a local pop singer who is also the wife of a prominent pastor. Accordingly, she is now leading a quite luxurious living in the Sates,  staying in a $20,000 a month mansion in an area where many other Hollywood celebs also reside.

I don’t know about you, but I really question the timing of the article.

As it is now, she and her husband, along with a few church  leaders, are now under investigation for the misuse of church funds, and it does not take a genius to see what the tabloid was trying to suggest. It is clearly a not-too-subtle attempt in manipulating the public’s perception of the case.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the tabloid follow up with another article today questioning the source of her wealth, with the headlines, “Where did the money come from?”. They analyzed her album sales and scrutinized the financial records of her husband’s companies to see if they are making enough on their own to  afford that kind of high-end living.  Though the article is inconclusive, it again, implied that they somehow have gotten their money through dubious means.  

It seems to me that, after the NKF and Ren Ci sagas, the media is now waiting with bated breath for another opportunity to expose and take down yet another of such “greedy and corrupted” charitable or religious organizations.   

With the official investigation still on-going, I think it is quite irresponsible for the papers to come out with reports as such. I am not so naive to think that it is not going to have a negative impact of those people being investigated. It is like presupposing they have already commited some wrongdoings that they have yet to be found guilty of. 

Is this in accordance with the spirit of our judicial sytem, in which the innocent remains innocent till proven guilty?

I sincerely believe our God would deliver the couple and his leaders out of this trouble. As He had promised in the Bible, His people “would not be put to shame” and “no weapons formed against us shall prosper”. Amen.

Our Lord watches over His herd.


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