Here Comes a New Challenger (again)


A jubilant Nadal, after winning the Roland Garros yet again.

IMO, a rejuvenated Rafael Nadal is the best thing that could happen for Roger Federer.

Somehow, the Swiss master looked a bit short of motivation these days, after a record-breaking 2009. Despite winning the Australian Open earlier this year, he clearly needs some fresh challenges, and who better to provide it than the Spaniard.

As it stands now, Nadal has regained his French title and is once again World No 1, desposing Federer.  It would be interesting to see how the latter would respond to the latest setback.

Probably a Federer/Nadal showdown in the Wimbledon final again? I just can’t wait…..

Not the best of time for Roger…

*In the meantime, I just want to congratulate Rafael Nadal on his comeback after enduring a truly terrible 2009.*




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