Money Talks

Like sex, money is one thing that everybody wants more of and nobody would get enough of.

Let look at 2 guys who definitely have plenty of it (money I meant):

Anthony Robbins

The “World No 1 Success Coach” reportedly earned USD$30 million in the year 2007, and the last I heard (more than 5 years ago), he was worth more than USD$200 million, a figure which should be much much higher by now (assuming he didn’t lost any of it to Lehman Brothers or Bernie Madoff).

To attend any of his program, you would need to fork out anything from SGD$1,000 to SGD$5,000 per person and if you want some private time with him alone, you’ll have to be prepared to spend USD$5,000 per hour, more expensive than the rate of any top lawyer in the world.

But many people gladly paid the amount because they believed he is able to really change their lives for the better and what is a few thousands of dollars compared to a lifetime of happiness?

Jay Chou 

The hottest star in the Chinese entertainment world is also the leading money making man with a reported earning of more than NT$500 million (SGD $25 million) last year. And if you don’t already know, his concert tickets were sold out faster than you can say his name.

While Robbins’ work does have a great impact to thousands, possibly millions, of people’s lives in the world, what has Director Chou done to deserve his huge paycheck? If you think about it, all he ever did was nothing much at all…

Granted, his songs are great and I myself is a huge fan of him but besides making me feel pretty good hearing them for 45 mins, there is really nothing practical I gained or learned after that.

So why do I mention this 2 very individuals who couldn’t be more different in the way they made their fortune? 

The thing is, you almost never hear anybody griped about the money they are raking in (ok, Robbins does have his critics but they are usually few in numbers). But when it comes to political or religious leaders, they are measured with a completely different standard.

Whenever the media reports the pay of this group of people, invariably I would hear unsavory comments like:

– “Wa.. why does a minister/pastor/ monk need so much money?”

– “How can they use  OUR money to pay themselves such high salaries?”

– “Greedy… Corrupted… Cheating our money.”

– “They should be using the money to give to the poor!!”

Despite most of them earning only a small fraction of the money that of Robbins and Jay earned, people turns hysterical if the figures exceeds anything more than $100,000.

But think about it, ain’t the above 2 using OUR money to pay themselves too? Also, why would a speaker and a singer need so much money for? Aren’t they, by the same logic, greedy and corrupted? And shall we even delude ourselves that they are very likely to donate much their money to the poor…?

Think about it.




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