“Guess who I know…”

I really can’t stand name-droppers.

You know their kind. They are always try to make themselves sound more important than they really are by telling you they are friends (their definition of friend is usually quite questionable too) with so-and-so who is supposed to be some kind of a big shot.

But it really begs the question, “So what??”

So what if that friend earns a gazillion a month? So what if he is chauffered in a helicopter to work? So what if he occasionally goes to the moon for a holiday? So what if he eats abalone for tea breaks? Unless you gets share of what he has, what has all these got to do with you?

Over the years, I have gotten quite tired of hearing from people who like to impress me with such antic and the more I hear, the more I feel sorry for them. What they are really trying to say is, “Hey look guys, I can’t make it on my own, but as least I can hitch on the name of a successful person to make myself look less pathetic.”

The truth is, people who are REALLY successful seldom even want to tell you who they know. They don’t need to. They have so many rich, famous and successful friends that they don’t even give two hoots about mentioning them to others, espcially to those don’t belong to the same social or financial level as them.

It is one thing to associate oneself with famous people for marketing or networking purposes, it is just sad to need to do it to elevate your poor and fragile ego.


Sure I know all about William Henry Gates III and his success story, but who cares??


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