Rejection by Men/ Acceptance by God

I wonder how Joseph felt when he was sold out (literally) by his own brothers? Instead of some brotherly love, all he got was hatred and jealousy, even from Benjamin, whom he shared the same mother.

David, before he ever became the giant slayer, was a young lad who was overlooked by his father and brothers. His dad didn’t even bother to call him back when Samuel came to their house looking for the new king of Israel. 

Jesus, despite all His healings and miracles, was hated by His very own people. They wanted Him dead so much that they were quite happy to exchange Him for notorious robber. How hurt that must have been when after all the good He did,  He was thought of even lesser than a criminal.  

Sometimes, it is just so sad to know that the world only loves those at the top. Who cares when you are down in the dungeons, who cares when you are just tending sheeps, and who cares even if you are the Saviour of the World ??

There are far too many people out there (some of whom you might even call friends) who would love nothing but to see you fall. They just could not stand the idea that you, a nobody, might one day become somebody, outshining them and magnifying the lack of achievements in their lives.

For Joseph, it was his brothers…

For David, it was King Saul…

For Jesus, it was the Pharisees and Sadducess…

But thank God, He Himself promised that ALL things worked for the good of those who loved Him and His people that they will never be put to shame. Just look at what eventually happened:

Joseph became the second most powerful man of Egypt…

David became the greatest king of Israel…

Jesus became the Messiah of the world…


Yes, Lord… You have crowned me with honour and glory just like You!!


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