C’mon you Reds!!

Would they or wouldn’t they… that’s the question.

I am, of course, referring to Liverpool, who are going to play Chelsea this weekend in what could be the most decisive match for the EPL title. Would pride or rivalry be the priority for the day? After all, United would surpassed Liverpool’s long-standing record of 18 league titles if they win again this year. Imagine how the Kop would feel to have United fans bragging in their face of being the “most successful club in England”, a designation the Reds have held for many many years (even if they have not won the league for more than 20 years)?

But on the other hand, the Reds still have a mathematical chance of grabbing a Champions League spot. Would they want to give up all that just to spite United? If that happens, I can imagine players like Gerrad and Torres being tempted to move on to other clubs that could offer them some Champions League actions… like Man City? Already sorely lacking in world class players, what would become of Liverpool if they are further deprived of the services of their inspirational captain and top striker? 

If it is up to me, I would really hope both Spurs and Man City to draw in their match against each other to provide extra incentives for Liverpool to give their best.   

You can bet I would be a Liverpool fan for 90 mins on that day….

Even the self-professed Liverpool-hating Gary Neville would secretly praying for a Reds victory.




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