Life Insurance

The harddisk of my laptop just crashed. Along with it goes all my games, pictures, MP3 files and I have absolutely no backup for all that. Just as what Murphy’s Law so famously stated, “What can go wrong will go wrong. At the worst possible time and with the highest cost.”

This unfortunate incident just highlighted the importance of doing backup… an “insurance” for information, so to speak. In fact, it was one of the things that was repeatedly emphasized on during my brief stint in polytechnic, but which I have, ironically, failed to adhere to.

It brings me back to a very commonly heard excuse in my line of work. Almost every of my prospects have used it, and I heard it so often that I was almost tempted to think there must be a conspiracy against insurance agents. 

It comes in a few variations but basically these are the 2 ways it is normally said:

1. “I have no need of insurance now.”

2. “I will call you when I need it.”

Whenever I hear this, I think: Gosh, I must be mistaken, as I thought insurance must be bought BEFORE you need it… I am quite sure dead people don’t buy a lot of insurance.

It is really quite ridiculous when you think about it.

I am sure people buy their umbrellas before it rained… not after they got wet.


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